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you hello again and welcome back to "newsline." japanese prosecutors have decided to release the captain of a chinese fishing boat. he was arrested on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese territorial waters. the captain will be handed over to japanese immigration authorities and then sent back to china. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested on september 7th after his trawler collided with
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a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea. >> the prosecutor cited that given an impact on the japanese public and future relations with china they decided it is not appropriate to detain the captain any longer. they said the captain will be released after proceedings are completed. japan's chief cabinet secretary says the government understands the decision taken by prosecutors. the government received a report from the naha district public prosecutors office that the
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decision was in line with japan's criminal laws. >> he said prime minister naoto kan was informed of the decision through his secretaries and that china was informed through diplomatic channels after the prosecutors announced the decision. sengoku said the standoff threatened to harm ties between the two countries. he called for a renewal for efforts to improve mr. strategic and beneficially bilateral relations. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says china will send a chartered plane to get the captain. on secptember 7 japanese trauler collided. the japan coast guard officers have potted the fishermen
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spreading the fishing net and warned them to stop but they rammed into the patrol boats as they attempted to escape. the crew of the chinese boat was released but the captain was arrested on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an on-board inspection. on sunday, a local court ruled that his detention should be extended. the islands are collectively called the senkaku islands. in 1895, the japanese government declared that the islands were japanese territory after confirming that they were not under the control of any other country. it was not until 1970 that china began to claim its territorial right over the islands. that was soon after surveys indicated the possibility of oil and gas deposits under the ocean in that area.
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the seas are also rich in tuna and other marine resources. fishing boats from china have repeatedly been observed operating off the island group. in 2004, japanese police arrested seven chinese activists who landed on uotsuri, the largest of the islands, and proclaimed it part of chinese territory. in recent years, china's navy has been stepping up its activities, not just off senkaku but also in other areas, in japanese waters and around southeast asia. in april, a chinese naval fleet sailed between okinawa in the pacific ocean and sent up a helicopter that approached dangerously close to a japanese maritime self-defense destroyer. china has territorial disputes
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between several southeast asian nations over islands in the south china sea and has sent surveillance ships there. the japanese government has called on china to respond calmly to the recent arrest of the fishing boat's captain. >> translator: the most important thing is to find a way to build a mutually beneficial relationship with china, a major neighbor with an economy that's growing ever stronger. >> joining us now, an nhk executive commentator. does japan's decision to release the chinese captain mean the problem's been resolved? >> well, china has only said it will suspend the high official exchange as a countermeasure but it may now redraft this.
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it seems certain that the bilateral relation won't strain any further. but unless japan exchange -- but unless japan changes its position that no territorial dispute existing in the east china sea, china will remain distrustful of japan. china may continue to take a hard line stance against japan. >> at least on the surface, the latest strain of bilateral relations is a result of the collision at sea. but how do you see the incident? >> well, the incident occurred amid the growing distrust between japan and china over security issues. japan is increasingly worried as the chinese navy has become more active, not only in the east china sea but also in the western pacific. china meanwhile is carefully watching japan's moves as japanese self-defense force takes steps to demoi additiploy
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additional troops around islands around okinawa. the incident will take on different means once it is decided whether it was accident a or whether there was a political intent behind it. japan knows that it was an accident. however, if it turns out that that wasn't a case, the incident represents a big problem. seeing the hard line stance china has, i can only assume that something political might be at work. >> if there was, as you say, political intent, what would be behind it? >> i think china might be issuing a warning to japan not to try and seal its territorial claim on the senkaku islands. when the two countries were negotiating the conclusions of a peace and friendship treaty back in 1978, japan tried to have its
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sovereignty over the islands included in the treaty. but more than 100 chinese fishing boats armed with civilian soldiers descended on the senkaku islands in protest and violating japanese territory waters. then at that time the chinese leader asked japan to put the iss issue aside for the time being and china promised they'd never allow such an incident to happen again. in other words, china effectively acknowledged japan's claim to the islands on the condition that japan accepted that china has a different view. the current democratic party-led government is sticking to the view that the senkaku islands are part of japan and that no territorial dispute exist in the east china sea.
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in fact the government is making security of the senkaku islands a pillar in the new policy sob complied with by the end of the year. so japan is considering holding military drills with the united states practicing how to recover an islands that's been invade and taken over. these moves might be putting china on guard. the focus of the public attention now is how the captain's release will soften china's attitude towards japan. chinese chorauthorities havt to respond to japan's request to allow its diplomats to meet four japanese nationals detained by china. the men were taken into custody on suspicion of taking photos in a restricted military area. the japanese embassy in beijing is continuing its efforts to contact them. the men work for a japanese construction company, fujita
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corporation, and a shanghai based subsidiary. china state run news agency says the four are being interrogated by national security authorities in hebei province. japanese embassy officials say they were informed by chinese authorities that the men had been in custody since monday. they say they are trying to confirm the details behind their detention. china severely restricts access to military-related areas. several japanese travelers in the past have been investigated on suspicion of entering or filming such aas with the chinese media giving little coverage to such incents. rsy ed news items. obseinvolved in the
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yrajor sin ceer. league record set more than 0yef ay ao tied pett year rose for the most 200-hit seasons. rose made his career in the major league. >> ichiro. 200 hits. amazing.
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se of the news received from broadcasting stations across asia. we beg with this item sent by cctv china. typhoonseft least 55 people dead, more than 40 missing. the typhoon made landfall earlier this week. it destroyed more than 4,000 and 48,000 acres of cropland. total economic losses are estimated at $300 lln. local authorities have dispatched tons of relief supplies including tene ining t clothes and food to the disaster-hit areas. it is the 11th typhoon to hit
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the country so far this year. >> malaysia's national carmaker has announced plans to introduce a new turbo charged engine into eop official says it will be e model to have such an engine. the firm will launch another mol claboration with mitsubishi motors. the company has also started developing hybrid and electric vehicles. they expect to top3000 units this year due to growing interest in aan countries. a group pplerilled by elephants in india last year. thailand suffered a similar issue years ago when he will fantastic strayed into village and dtred cps and property but thailand resolved the problem by building barriers around village and providing sufficient food to the animals.
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the indian experts' visit will la one week. we've reached crunch time in the autumn grand sumo tournament. going into the day, the empress cup could go to hakuho for the 16th time. the rank and filers both won so the chamonipasotee decided yet. let's go to the action of hakuho's day 13 datle. >> haho h only lost one to him in 14 bouts. baruto is troubled by a knee injury but will be tough to beat. baruto goes straight for the thrusting attack. doesn't want the north brazilian g a left-hand grip. hakuho doesn't allow the king of
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the ring to grab wh his left. raising him up, then shedding him up as he executes a perfect throw to remain on top for the 60th regional victory. an incredibl ins in a row. >> a look at the leaderboard now after 13 days. hakuho ane at the top blemish-free. rank and filers joshidaze and takekazi have two losses. let's check out the results. koryu slapped down kakizoe.
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tamawashi slapped down bushel iyama. tokitanku was determined to get his second win. >> day 14 sees hakuho going up against kotoshi. tomorrow's recap will reveal all. join us then. hello again.
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it is time now for the world's weather. let's begin in east asia. typhoon malaka is continuing to bear down on the islands of japan. you see our well defined eye right here indicating how well organized and strong this system is. let me show you the current statistics right now. forecast models show it is not going to be taking a direct aim at mainland japan, that said, the winds are going to be very, very strong in the next couple of days as it does approach on saturday to eastern sides of the country. currently take a look at this, 140 kilometer per hour wind speeds. gusts even higher than that. not only will we see those winds, but very rough sea conditions. high waves on coastal areas and going to see some rain as well. here is a look at how east asia is shaping up into the weekend. we have got low pressure moving through mongolia and northern china ushering in very cool air. but it will stay generally dry here and also dry into the korean peninsula. not so much though across southern areas, coastal areas of china.
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we have got outbreaks of humid downpours here for the next several days. here is how it looks temperaturewise on saturday. 25 degrees for you in taipei. rather shanghai. 30 degrees in taipei. tokyo cooler, 22. and beijing, 23 for your high. let's move on to central america because we have a tropical storm talk about right now. this is tropical storm matthew, that will be this system here. it continues to move very, very close to making landfall in either nicaragua or honduras. it is hard to tell where the models right now, but nonetheless, it is going to bring very strong winds, heavy, heavy rains as well as, of course, high storm surges as well. so here is a look at the next 24 hours, 48 hours, rather, of rain, some places picking up over 200, maybe even 300 millimeters or more. so this really ups the risks of landslides, flash flooding, and the like. now, on to the rest of north america, very strong system across eastern canada here.
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that will also bring some cooler weather into the eastern united states. although it is dry right now and very warm for the east coast. i'll show you that in a second. interior portions of the u.s., really quiet right now, but as we head further to the west, you can see this area of pink here. that is going to be very heavy rain and gale force winds. pacific storm system moving in to parts of british colombia. so rain for you in vancouver. and really all into interior areas as well. 16 for your high. winnipeg is going to be around 15. 21 in chicago and 30 degrees, very summery, for those 30s across the east. now, looking at europe, well, it is going to be kind of messy if you're anywhere in western europe right now. this big complex of storms, anywhere from southern scandinavia down to the central mediterranean is really under the gun for wet weather, potentially severe weather, especially near the alpine parts as well. so stormy here, potentially
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severe gusts, hail, and lightning also. eastern europe, get ready for it, it is moving your way, but you're dry and fine for now. temperatures look like this on saturday. 22 in warsaw. 23 in kiev. much, much cooler where that rain and wind in paris and london, high only around 16. here is your extended forecast.
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before we wrap up this
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newscast, here's an update of the developing story. japan has announced it is going to release a chinese fishing boat captain whose arrest raised tension between the two countries. a plane chartered by the chinese government is on its way to the japanese island where the captain is being held. the plane will arrive at about 1:30 a.m. locale time on saturday. the chinese ambassador to japan is also on his way to the island. the japanese authorities say the 41-year-old skipper, will be free when legal procedures are complete. the japan coast guard arrested him after he rammed a patrol boat near japan's senkaku islands in east china sea. islands are also claimed by china and taiwan and the tensions sparked strong criticism in china. the chinese government stepped up its pressure on japan after a japanese court extended the detention last sunday.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm hideshi hara in tokyo. we'll be back in 30 minutes. thank you for joining us on nhk world. 
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